Time has come to introduce a new, innovative and pain-free anaesthesia method!

Less discomfort,
more satisfied patients

STA Single Tooth Anesthesia® is a device for applying an anaesthetic and controlling its flow developed by the USA company MILESTONE SCIENTIFIC

The device may be used in dentistry for performing all types of local anaesthesia. Wand® STA provides more accurate injection, computer controlled introduction of the anaesthetic, thus improving the patient’s comfort and making the dentist’s work easier. When this device is used, a visit to the dentist will no longer be associated with fear from painful anaesthesia, instead it will be pleasant and comfortable.

Computer-controlled injection flow

Automated monitoring and control of the flow speed and pressure during injection.

Accurate introduction of anaesthetic and keeping it stable below the patient’s pain threshold.

Constant flow provides successful and predictable injection.

Active pressure probing technology

DPS technology allows accurate control of whether the injection needle has reached the needed tissue.

Wand® STA device analyses pressure at the needle and provides signals to the professional during the injection.

Totally pain-free

It does not create stress and is comfortable for both the dentist and the patient.

When anaesthesia is applied to a single tooth, there is no effect to the tongue, lips and cheeks.

It is especially comfortable to apply in children’s dentistry thanks to its successful visual design.

Injections with Wand® STA needle

Injections are administered with a disposable Wand® needle, whose compact design allows easy access to the needed place. Thans to the operational principles of the device no preliminary anesthesia is needed. The computer controlled aspiration function makes the work even easier. By using Wand® STA the anesthetic is not introduced in tissues by exerting mechanical pressure, it is administered in controlled drops instead, i.e. 1 drop per 2 seconds. It is a particularly important precondition for working with children, as a child can even not notice the anesthesia process. During the further treatment, when no pain or discomfort is felt, the child is assured that anaesthesia is not anything painful and unpleasant, thus is makes the work easier for the dentist and saves the health of the parents who are present, in this case their nerve system. Injections made with Wand® STA device are pain-free and without any side effects, which is an important precondition for any patient, in particular, children.

Milestone Scientific is an internationally known
and innovative USA company

Its headquarters are located in Livingstone, New Jersey, USA and it is actively involved in development and implementation of innovative, computer-controlled technologies of subcutaneous injections for application of anaesthetics

The company is actively working for improving their efficiency, patients’ comfort and care quality. In order to achieve this, Milestone cooperates with other leading health care technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

By using this cooperation, the company has made a huge step forward in development of injection technologies, thus efficiently solving health care issues.

Wand® STA anaesthesia is available in more than 30 clinics in Latvia!